Benjamin Kidder’s lab focuses on epigenetic mechanisms of stem cell self-renewal and differentiation, transcriptional networks, genome stability and cancer epigenetics, and reprogramming and transdifferentiation. We integrate  experimental data with computational analysis of epigenomic and transcriptomic data.

We are members of the Department of Oncology at Wayne State University and the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.


4/2022: Our paper, H3K4 demethylase KDM5B regulates cancer cell identity and epigenetic plasticity, was published in Oncogene!


3/2021: Our Nature Communications paper, Integrative pan cancer analysis reveals epigenomic variation in cancer type and cell specific chromatin domains, was published.


12/2020: H4K20me3 methyltransferase SUV420H2 shapes the chromatin landscape of pluripotent embryonic stem cells paper was published in Development.


8/2019: KDM5B is a master regulator of the H3K4-methylome in stem cells, development and cancer paper was published

4/2019: Contribution of H3K4 demethylase KDM5B to nucleosome organization in embryonic stem cells revealed by micrococcal nuclease sequencing paper was published


8/2018: Identification of H4K20me3 and H3K4me3-associated RNAs using CARIP-Seq paper was published


7/2018: Derivation of maEpiSCs from haploid blastocysts paper was recently published!


7/2018: Novel H4K20me3/H3K4me3 bivalent domain paper was published!



5/2018: KDM5B TSC paper was recently published!


3/2018: iPSC cancer immunotherapy was published in collaboration with Dr. Restifo’s lab at the NCI.


11/2017: OCT4 paper, which describes ESC self-renewal in the absence of LIF, has been published.


9/2017: SMYD5 cancer/genome stability paper was recently accepted for publication, and can be found online!


8/2017: Besa Xhabija has obtained a faculty position in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Michigan- Flint

4/2017: KDM5B paper was recently published! PMID: 28402433


3/2017: Congrats to John Campeanu who received a “Medical Student Summer Research Fellowship”

2/2017: Smyd5 paper was recently published PMID: 28250819.


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